Fennel (finocchio) is a classic Italian staple. It’s strong, aromatic, aniseed flavour adds wonderful freshness to a range of dishes.

Local Fennel is at its peak during the coldest months of the year. Grown as close as Werribee South in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, our Fennel is always super fresh and good quality during winter.

The classic way of serving fennel is to simply very finely slice it and dress it with olive oil, red wine vinegar and plenty of salt and pepper. Allow to sit until the Fennel starts to break down, and the vinegar can cut through the strong aniseed flavour. You can add this to other salads (with orange and bitter leaves for example), or eat it straight up.

Fennel is also wonderful braised. Cook down with tomatoes and serve with fish. Or fry with garlic and chilli and serve with pork.

It is also wonderful in soups. It brings a lovely freshness to earthy soups made with vegetables like potato, Jerusalem artichoke or celeriac. It will also brings a beautiful, natural sweetness, to counter very savoury flavours.