Fresh Nuts

While Nuts are available all-year round, it is during Autumn that the new picking season begins. This means that they are at their freshest and most flavoursome during this time. Chestnuts are [...]

Apples and Pears

The classic lunch-box fillers, Apples and Pears are at their best in the Autumn. While cold-storage ensures that Apples and Pears are available all year round, Autumn is when they are actually [...]


Its a classic Autumn routine – nonchalantly picking at a bunch of grapes, and before you know it, all you’ve got left is stems. We’ve all been there Super-snackable, super sweet [...]


While tomatoes are of course, available all year-round, it is only in the Summer and into Autumn when they really put on a show. That is when we start to see some of the wonderful Heirloom [...]


Koo Wee Rup is better known for its supply of wonderful Asparagus across the Summer months. But in the late summer and into the Autumn, the small Bass Coast town’s focus turns from [...]