Local Citrus

Citrus is one of the shining lights of the long winter season. Despite the grey outside, there is a myriad of bright colour to be found on the shelves.

First cab off the rank is always the Mandarins, with endless varieties to choose from. From the classics like Imperial, Affourer and Clementine – to more obscure varieties like Satsuma, Gold Nugget and the oversize Dekopon (sometimes referred to as Sumo Mandarins. Each has slightly different flavours and properties, like numbers of seeds and ease of peeling. Whatever the case, Mandarins are always a fantastic, healthy option for the lunchbox

Winter is also the time when we get the bulk of the local orange season, with lots of stock coming from Mildura in northern Victoria. Starting with fresh and juicy local Navel oranges, these are followed by Easy-Peel, ruby Cara Cara Navels, Blood Oranges and finally the marmalade-makers favourite, Seville Oranges later in the season.

On top of the Mandarins and oranges, we also get alternative citrus across the winter, ranging from Tangelo, Yuzu Lemons, Lemonade fruit, Buddha’s Hand Lemons and of course Gold and Ruby Grapefruit