Late Autumn and into Winter is party time for the Brassica family. All grown locally, there is fabulous quality available across the range.

Cauliflower, Cabbages, Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts are all sensational eating. And more boutique varieties like Rapini, Fioretto (Cauliflower bloom) and Romanesco Cauliflower all become available.

While vegetables like Cauliflower and particularly Brussels sprouts developed a bad reputation from being poorly cooked in the old days, they could not be cooler these days. It is all in the cooking. Instead boiling cauliflower or sprouts to within an inch of their life, consider roasting them instead. Cauliflower is fantastic when coated with spices and charred in the oven. Or sprouts when they’re braised with pancetta and chestnuts and finished under the grill. And Broccoli is simply fantastic roasted with chilli, olives and thyme until crispy, and finished with shaved Parmigiano.

There is so much versatility and enjoyment to come from Brassica in the winter time. Ask our staff for some tips and recipe ideas and get cooking!