Autumn and winter are the premier seasons for Pumpkin, when it has the maximum flavour. You can usually see it from the colour, with peak-season Pumpkin having a deep golden flesh that just screems “eat me!”

Not only is Pumpkin at its best during the cooler months, but it is also perfectly suited to all the dishes that we love to cook during the winter. Soups, roasts and stews, or even risotto or pasta. Pumpkin has such a generous and comforting flavour, and pairs beautifully with a little salty cheese or chilli (or both).

Early in the season, some heritage varieties are usually available – grown locally on the Mornington Peninsula. These are not much to look at, but have gorgeous flavour. They also have very specific best-uses, depending on the variety, so our staff can help you choose the best variety for your dish.