As any self-respecting Italian family knows, Summer means tomatoes! Local Victorian-grown produce is hitting shelves, with some coming from as close as Doncaster, just 10km from our Kew store. [...]


Fresh local grapes have hit the shelves! Early season Menindee and Flame seedless varieties are available, as well as Sultana (Thompson seedless), Crimson and Baby sultanas. Rarer varieties like [...]


The start of the Northern Territory Mango season heralds the imminent arrival of summer! Early season Kensington Pride Mangoes come from a small town just south of Darwin, with what is quite [...]

Local Garlic

After a 4 – 5 month hiatus, October marks the return of the local Garlic season. During the off-season, supply comes mostly from Spain and Argentina or Mexico (or if you are at a [...]

Late season stone-fruit

As summer raps up, we are heading into late season stone-fruit territory. While slip-stone peaches and nectarines are heading towards the end, plums and clingstone peaches are still going strong. [...]