The start of the Northern Territory Mango season heralds the imminent arrival of summer! Early season Kensington Pride Mangoes come from a small town just south of Darwin, with what is quite possibly the best name going around, Humpty Doo!

While early season produce can be a little pricey, as we head further into the summer, the Queensland season will kick in and prices should fall dramatically.

The early KP is actually one of the best-eating varieties, and they will generally be available for a few months at least. But following this, we have varieties like Honeygold, TPP, Keitt and Brooks to quench your Mango needs after the KPs are all done.

You don’t really need to do anything to a Mango to enjoy it. But if you are looking for something next-level, check out Bob Hart’s Barbecued Honeygold Mangoes with Coconut sugar recipe at the side of the page. One of the great summer-time treats!