While Victoria shivers through the depths of winter, the super-tasty Queensland Strawberries available are a reminder that at least it is warm somewhere… Australia’s vast size, and [...]


A surefire sign that warmer weather is on the way! Local Asparagus has started! When the Victorian Asparagus first pokes its head through the dirt, this always heralds the imminent arrival or [...]


Late Summer can be a difficult period for Avocados, as the gap between the West Australian and Queensland Hass Avocado seasons usually sees prices peak. But by early Autumn, relief is at hand, [...]

Oranges and Mandarins

While it’s sad to say goodbye to the local stone fruit, berries and grapes at this time of year, winter does replace these fruits with the start of the local oranges and mandarins seasons. [...]


Fennel (finocchio) is a classic Italian staple. It’s strong, aromatic, aniseed flavour adds wonderful freshness to a range of dishes. Local Fennel is at its peak during the coldest months [...]