Sweet, zesty, crunchy and beautiful to look at… What’s not to love about Pomegranates? It must be true because the popularity of pomegranates shows no signs of slowing down. The [...]


While Winter is the peak of most citrus varieties like oranges, Mandarins get a slightly earlier start. Imperial mandarins will generally be available from mid April, and will start to peak [...]

Local nuts

Nuts are one group of produce that many people do not this of as having a “season”. They are always available, either in a packet or in a dispenser. But this is somewhat misleading, [...]


Whilst Apples are a staple of the fruit-bowl all year round, it is actually during Autumn (and into Winter) when they are picked. This means that is also Autumn when they are at the crunchiest, [...]


While Cauliflower is available all year round, it is during the colder months when it is at its best. The price is low and the quality is high… Beautifully pure white, with tightly [...]