While the floods in south-east Queensland have caused utter chaos in the price of lettuce and and legumes, Avocados remain unharmed. The new season Hass Avocados are grown far enough north that [...]


One of the saving graces of the winter period – the local citrus season. While  oranges are available year-round, they are at their best when the new season Navel variety hits the shelves [...]


Autumn/Winter is the seasonal changeover for the Apple season. Many people, due to the wonders of cold-storage technology, do not realise that Apples are only picked during the Autumn. After [...]


The poster-child of the Autumn season is always locally-foraged wild mushrooms. And these come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. From Pine Forest (pictured above) and Slippery Jack, to log-grown [...]


Autumn and winter are the premier seasons for Pumpkin, when it has the maximum flavour. You can usually see it from the colour, with peak-season Pumpkin having a deep golden flesh that just [...]