Local Legumes

It wouldn’t be spring without Spring Beans! The warmer weather brings on the season for all the local legume varieties. Beans and Peas of all descriptions hit the shelves, to bring colour [...]


A surefire sign that warmer weather is on the way! Local Asparagus has started! When the Victorian Asparagus first pokes its head through the dirt, this always heralds the imminent arrival or [...]


The start of the Northern Territory Mango season heralds the imminent arrival of summer! Early season Kensington Pride Mangoes come from a small town just south of Darwin, with what is quite [...]

Local Garlic

After a 4 – 5 month hiatus, October marks the return of the local Garlic season. During the off-season, supply comes mostly from Spain and Argentina or Mexico (or if you are at a [...]


Fennel (finocchio) is a classic Italian staple. It’s strong, aromatic, aniseed flavour adds wonderful freshness to a range of dishes. Local Fennel is at its peak during the coldest months [...]