As any self-respecting Italian family knows, Summer means tomatoes! Local Victorian-grown produce is hitting shelves, with some coming from as close as Doncaster, just 10km from our Kew store.

There are countless varieties of tomatoes to choose from. From regular vine-ripened tomatoes, Truss tomatoes, Black Russian tomatoes, Adelaide Flat and Ox heart tomatoes, and many many more Heirloom varieties. Each one has particular flavours and properties, that make them good for different things. Our staff can help choose the best variety for what you need.

We will also have “Sauce Tomatoes” becoming available in mid to late February. These are a particular variety of Roma Tomatoes, with an extra-pulpy flesh that makes them perfect for making Sauces and Passata. You can find a link to our family recipe at the side of this page.