Bob Hart’s BBQ Mangoes with coconut sugar

The words “BBQ” and “fruit” might not seem a natural pairing, but this BBQ mangoes recipe might just change your mind on that…



Cheeks from 3 Honeygold Mangoes (if available), with skin left on

Coconut Sugar

1 cup Roasted Macadamias

Creme Fraiche or Cocofrio Coconut Icecream, to serve (Or both, why not?)


  • Slice a zig-zag pattern in each Mango cheek, taking care not to damage the skin, and turn inside out to push flesh outward (see picture)
  • Make a ball of foil just the right size to fit underneath the concaved skin of the mango to support it on the grill and slide under each cheek
  • Sprinkle each cheek generously with Coconut sugar ensuring it gets right down into the grooves
  • Place the mangoes on their balls of foil onto a hot grill, ideally over a charcoal fire laced with hickory chips (if possible), and drop the lid
  • Cook until the Mango has started to soften the sugar has formed a thick syrup
  • Take each one off the grill and serve with some chopped roasted Macadamias, along with a generous dollup of Crème Fraiche and Coconut Ice cream