Artichokes can be intimidating to some – both in appearance and in preparation – but a little knowledge goes a long way with this wonderful winter vegetable!

First thing to know is there a number of different varieties, each with their own slightly different properties. Our staff can help you with which variety is good for what, and also how to prepare that particular one.

Artichokes can be used in a huge range of ways. They can be steamed and stuffed, they can be cut and grilled, or they can be carved right down the heart and pickled.

Each usage may need different preparation, however the basics for artichoke prep are that you need to trim an inch off the top of the flower, and also chop the stem to about an inch from the bottom of the flower. Next, depending on variety and what you are making, you may need to remove the “choke”, which is the fluffy part in the middle of the flower. You can dig this out with a spoon once you have opened the petals.

Once you have a basic understanding of how to prep an artichoke, they are a wonderful vegetable to work with, and reward experimentation with cooking style and flavours. Just ask our friendly staff for help with the basics, and you can go ahead and have fun!