Local Citrus

Winter is the time for local citrus to shine, and shine it does!

While we are supplied over the warmer month with local Valencia oranges, and imported Navel oranges, it is during the winter when the variety and quality of local citrus really ramps up.

Starting with everyone’s favourite lunchbox treat, the Mandarin! Early varieties include Imperials and Honey Murcotts, followed by Afourer, Clementines and the amazing Dekopon (Sumo) mandarins. Each variety is slightly different, with different levels of sweetness, juiciness and differing amounts of seeds. There’s always a variety around to suit everyone’s particular preference.

Winter oranges are also fantastic, with the local Navels becoming available. These are super juicy and sweet, and also wonderfully healthy. As are the Cara Cara, Blood Orange and Easy Peel varieties that also become available across the season. And later in the season, the famous marmalade-producing, Seville Oranges should be available for an all too brief period.

Other citrus variants like Tangelos, Grapefruit and Cumquats will also be available over the winter months, so look out for them in store.