Autumn/Winter is the seasonal changeover for the Apple season. Many people, due to the wonders of cold-storage technology, do not realise that Apples are only picked during the Autumn. After this, they come out of cold-storage to supply the rest of the year. During Autumn, Apples on the shelf are fresh off the tree and are super crunchy and juicy.

For the first month or so or the season, it is best to store your apples in the fridge. This is becuase they contain what is referred to as “field heat” which means they ripen quicker than normal. After a month, this “heat” goes out and apples can then be happily stored in the fruit bowl.

Due to cold-storage, many common apples have year-long supply, such as Pink Lady, Gala, Grannysmith and Kanzi. But some of the lesser-grown varieties do not produce the volume to justify cold-storage, so look out for Jonathon, Braeburn and Firmgold varieties, as their season is very short.