Fennel, or Finnochio as it is known in Italian is one of the kings of the winter vegetable world. Absolutely synonymous with the colder months, Fennel at this time of year is bright white, large in size and large in flavour.

The Italians prepare Fennel in a huge range of ways.

The most basic is to slice it very finely and simply leave it to soak in some red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. You can also add fresh orange, raddichio and walnuts to this to fancify the basic salad a little further.

Fennel is also wonderful braised slowly in olive oil. This will really bring out its sweetness and goes fantastically with pork and chilli.

Roasting fennel also brings out its sweetness, to the point where roast fennel is even served as a dessert element in some modern restaurants. What you do with it is up to you!