One of the saving graces of the winter period – the local citrus season.

While  oranges are available year-round, they are at their best when the new season Navel variety hits the shelves in winter. Coming from Victoria and South Australia’s prolific Riverland area, they are super juicy and sweet.

A little later in the season, regular Navel oranges are also joined by the super sweet Cara Cara ruby Navel, and the sweet/bitter Blood Oranges. These add a lot of flavour, but also beautiful colour to juice, salads, cakes or any number of dishes.

Mandarins are also at their peak. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from. Some juicy, some sweet, some tangy. And most importantly, some seedless, making them perfect for school lunches.

Other more left-field citrus varieties also become available in the winter, such as Tangelo, Tangerines and Pomelos. These seasons can be brief, so don’t blink.