Local Garlic

Despite our best efforts, and an ever increasing amount of local production, local Garlic is still not available year-round.

Because of its greater expense, a lot of local garlic growers pulled out of the market across the years, creating a big void. But a greater sensitivity to the providence of produce by consumers recently has seen lots more investment in growing this staple in Australia. Even still, at present, local growers can only supply us for around 5 – 6 months of the year.

The season starts in October/November, with Garlic shoots, or “fresh garlic”. This is uncured garlic (that has not been dried out). It still has a delicious flavour, but is more mild than cured garlic that you would normally buy. So this is best used raw, rather than cooked, which may kill its flavour.

Come late November/December and the supply of local cured Garlic should be plentiful. This will sustain us through till around March/April, and then after that it will be back to the imorted stuff till the next summer comes.