While we are used to having nuts available for purchase all year round, their actual season, and hence when they are at their best in quality, is Autumn.

The season usually starts with the first of the local Chestnuts from Bright in central Victoria. These meaty, but sweet morsels are just delicious when roasted in their shell. They can be eaten straight up like that, or they are also delicious roasted along side brussels sprouts, with crispy speck and balsamic glaze.

Fresh Almonds and Pistachios are also available in Autumn, and these can be eaten raw or pickled. Later in the season, regular almonds and pistachios also turn over to new season, and this is when they are at their crunchiest and most flavoursome.

Lastly, the fresh Walnuts in their shell become available in mid-to-late Autumn. There are several varieties to choose from, but the best are definitely the “Wilson Wonder” from Stanley in Victoria. These are a super large, super buttery and sweet flavoured variety, that also has the added bonus of being able to be twisted open by hand, rather than requiring a nut-cracker.