There is plenty of more “fancy fruit” going around, but a lot of the time, you can’t quite beat a good, new season Apple.

While Apples are available year-round, it is during the Autumn when the fresh, new season fruit is picked. It is therefore in this time that the apples are at their crunchy, flavoursome best.

The first variety to arrive is always the Royal Gala, followed quickly by Grannysmith and Fuji. More boutique varieties like Jonathan and Gravenstein have very short seasons – as little as a few weeks. Later varieties like Kanzi, Jazz and Golden Delicious usually start around mid April, with the stalwart Pink Lady last of all to start its season.

While they are very early in their season, Apples should be stored in the fridge rather than the fruit bowl, as they generally ripen more quickly at this stage. After a few weeks, however, they lose what is referred to as “field heat”, the cause of this hastened ripening, and they can then be stores happily on the bench, or in school-bags or lunchboxes.