Oranges and Mandarins

While it’s sad to say goodbye to the local stone fruit, berries and grapes at this time of year, winter does replace these fruits with the start of the local oranges and mandarins seasons.

Local Navel oranges from Mildura replace the summer Valencia oranges. Bright Orange in colour, these are the best variety for juiciness and flavour.

Soon after, varieties like the Ruby Cara Cara and Blood Oranges become available. Cara Cara have a pink flesh, and they are super sweet and delicious. Blood Oranges have a deep-red flesh and can be sweet or quite bitter. Along the way, other varieties like Easy-peel and Seville (used only for making Marmalade) join the pack. And we also get Tangelos, and local Grapefruit at this time of year.

Joining the extended Orange family at the table are the very extended family of Mandarins. From early season Imperial Mandarins, to Afourer, Sweet-Eez, Daisy, Empress and Sumo, Mandarins very significantly. Some have a lot of seeds, some few, and some none. Some are tangy, some super-sweet. But they are all perfect for the lunch-box snack.