While tomatoes are of course, available all year-round, it is only in the Summer and into Autumn when they really put on a show.


That is when we start to see some of the wonderful Heirloom varieties becoming available, such as Adelaide Flats, Ox Heart and Black Russians. Across the summer, you can get Tomatoes in just about any shape, colour and size you can possibly imagine. And these all have different flavours and characteristics.

For example, the early season Adelaide Flat (Rouge de Marmande) are a sweet, low acid variety, that is also lower in water content, making it perfect for salads and bruschetta’s, where you don’t want soggy bread.

Tomatoes are grown all around Australia. From the central coast of Queensland, to North Eastern South Australia, and even as locally as Templestowe in Melbourne. We have been buying beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes from a farm on O’Briens lane in Templestowe (just 10km from our Kew store), for over 50 years.

During the late season (February – March) is when the “Saucing tomatoes” will start to become available. These super-pulpy Roma tomatoes are always good and ripe by this time, and perfect for making homemade Tomato sauce or Passata (find our recipe via the link at the side/bottom of the page). It is always a wonderful time of year when you can get your whole family together to make the year’s supply of sauce!

Tomatoes really are an Italian staple. Whether they’re thrown into a salad like the classic Caprese salad, or roasted on the truss and served alongside porchetta, or forming the base of any classic red pasta sauce, you  simply could not imagine Italian cuisine without this humble, red fruit.