Apples and autumn leaves

Whilst Apples are a staple of the fruit-bowl all year round, it is actually during Autumn (and into Winter) when they are picked. This means that is also Autumn when they are at the crunchiest, most flavoursome best!

Apples are grown all around the outer suburbs of Melbourne, as close at Wandin and Packenham. We have been buying apples off some of our growers for over 40 years, and you will not find better apples anywhere!

There are countless varieties to choose from, all with different texture and flavour profiles.

The Royal Gala variety is always the first to come into season, with a sweet flavour and softer texture.

Following these we get sweet Fuji apples, tart Jonathans and Grannysmith, and then finally the much-loved Pink Lady apples, which are somewhere in the middle.

Newer varieties like Jazz and Kanzi generally start later in the season. These have a sweet flavour, with a wonderful crunchy texture.

Make the most of the Autumn apples, because while they are generally pretty good quality year-round, now is the time that Apples are really on song…