Late Summer can be a difficult period for Avocados, as the gap between the West Australian and Queensland Hass Avocado seasons usually sees prices peak. But by early Autumn, relief is at hand, with the new season Queensland Shepard Avocados arriving in store.

This variety is super creamy and smooth, but needs to be eaten very ripe to enjoy best flavour.

The Shepards are quickly followed by both the Sharwil Avocados, and tat last, the return of the ever popular Hass variety.

Picking a perfect Avocado is trickier than it may seem, as different varieties are best at different levels of ripeness. As mentioned, the Shepards need to be very soft to get the best flavour, where as the large Reed Avocado variety can be eaten happily when a little firmer. Our staff are always on hand to pick you out the perfect Avocado for whenever you may need it.

If you do find yourself needing to ripen an avocado quickly, the best course of action is to place it in a paper bag, with a banana and leave it on the bench. Bananas release a chemical which acts to ripen other fruits, so they are the perfect companion for an over-firm Avocado.