Its a classic Autumn routine – nonchalantly picking at a bunch of grapes, and before you know it, all you’ve got left is stems. We’ve all been there

Super-snackable, super sweet and delicious, Grapes have the peak of their season during early Autumn. This is when supply is coming from central and northern Victoria, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from.

From the sweet, firm and juicy varieties like Thompson (Sultana), Crimson and Sweet Sapphire, to the soft, musty-flavoured Muscatel grapes, there’s something for everyone.

Look for grapes that have fresh-looking, green stems. If the stem is overly brown, this can mean the grapes have been stored for a period of time after harvesting, and will mean they are not as fresh-tasting or crunchy as they could be.

Grapes are of course a classic snack on their own, but they also elevate salads, work wonderfully with rich meats like Duck, or a sensational accompaniment to just about any cheese. Forget the fancy pastes and condiments, you can’t beat grapes with a good salty and strong blue or washed-rind cheese. Delicious!