While the common Green bean is of course available year-round, it is in Spring that we are simply inundated with a wonderful array of different colours and varieties of beans, peas and a host of other Legumes.

Starting with the Beans, we can expect to see local Green beans, Butter Beans, Broad Beans,  Borlotti Beans, Flat Beans and Italian Beans. While supply of the Green variety comes from Queensland across the winter, in Spring we get beans being grown all around Victoria.

In the Pea department, we can expect local Victorian Green peas, Sugar Snap Peas and Snow Peas. Regular Peas must be peeled, but both Sugar Snap and Snow Peas can be enjoyed whole. Super sweet, crisp and juicy.

The wonderful colours of the peas and beans make them great in salads, or as side dishes. They can be added to stir-frys, soups, stews and just about any dish from just about any cuisine.

Mashed Broad beans and Peas make a wonderful alternative to smashed avocado, if you ever find yourself sick of the breakfast staple (…if ever).

Break out of the boring Green bean routine. Ask our staff if you need any tips on how to cook some of the other stranger, but more exciting legume varieties, available during spring!