A surefire sign that warmer weather is on the way! Local Asparagus has started!

When the Victorian Asparagus first pokes its head through the dirt, this always heralds the imminent arrival or Spring.

Asparagus is a Spring-time hero. Juicy and sweet, it is a perfect accompaniment to any mild, sunny day. Charred on the BBQ, braised and served with Haloumi or or lemon-butter, or as part of the classic Italian spring-time dish, Risotto Primavera, you really can’t beat these little spears.

Early season produce comes from Mildura. But the heartland for Asparagus is centred around the Bass-coast town of Kew Wee Rup. This little town grows the best Asparagus going around, and will supply us with it from around mid-September, and right into the Summer.

Get excited!