No Australian summer is complete without Stonefruit!


In particular, no Australian Christmas is complete without Cherries! Rich, sweet and juicy, Cherries are the quintessential flavour of the Aussie Christmas lunch. Throw a box on the table and watch everyone eat a few more than they should have. Before long, the box is empty, the pip bowl full, and everyone’s hands, mouth and face, a slight tinge of darkest red.

Also great, are the local Nectarines and Peaches. The area around Shepparton in central Victoria supplies wonderful Peaches and Nectarines across the summer, with both Yellow and White varieties available. White have a slightly mellower sweetness than the yellow, which have more of a zingy flavour. Later in the season the Clingstone peaches arrive. Matte-yellow in colour and unique in flavour, many people hang-out for these crunchy peaches all year-round. We also get funny-looking Doughnut Peaches, and white Italian Nectarines along the journey.

And then there’s Apricots! The Apricot season usually peaks around Christmas, with the best flavour and texture being found in the Moorepark variety, available at this time.

And we haven’t even got to the plums yet! Plums will usually start with a variety or two in late November. But before long, there are countless varieties on the go. From sweet Blood plums and Ruby Royals, to tart Angelino and President varieties, better suited to cooking, there is a variety for every occasion and purpose. Some varieties are only in for a week, so the range is continually changing. We can help you navigate the season, to find the best variety for your needs.