Apples and Pears

The classic lunch-box fillers, Apples and Pears are at their best in the Autumn.apples-and-pears

While cold-storage ensures that Apples and Pears are available all year round, Autumn is when they are actually picked. They are therefore at their crunchiest, juiciest and most flavoursome during these months.

Royal Gala apples are always the first variety to hit the shelves, followed closely by Fuji, Grannysmith, Jonathan, Golden Delicious and lastly, Pink Ladies. There are also a host of newer varieties such as Kanzi and Jazz apples that become available during the Autumn months.

Each Apple variety has a distinctly different flavour-profile and texture. This means there is always an apple to suit everyone’s pallet.

When Apples are very new-season, they should be stored in the fridge. This is because they contain what is called “field heat”, which makes them ripen more quickly. After a few weeks, this subsides, and they can be stored as normal in the fruit bowl.

Pears also come into season in February/March. The super-juicy William variety will kick things off, followed by Brown (or Burre Bosc), Josephine and Packham varieties. Smaller varieties like Corella, D’Anjou, Nashi and Honey Pears will come and go in this time.

Like Apples, Pear varieties differ in flavour and texture, making them good for different purposes. We can help you choose the best variety available for cooking, eating, or putting in salads.