Is there a better way of spending a Summer’s day than with a face full of Mango?? Thought not…

Juicy, sweet, vibrant and wonderfully versatile, you will rarely find someone who does not like a good Mango.

Early season varieties such as Kensington Pride, come from the Northern Territory. Places like Katherine, and the wonderfully named, Humpty Doo, just south of Darwin supply Mangoes around Australia from about September onwards.

When December arrives, we start to see the arrival of the Queensland season, and new varieties like Honeygold, Keitt, TPP and Brooks. Each variety has a different flavour-profile, and slightly different characteristics. We can help you choose the best one for your taste.

We also get some wonderful Green Mango varieties during this time, with the sweet Keow Savoey, and the sour Nam Doc Mai being the base of some super-tasty, fresh Asian salads.

Regular Mangoes are a treat by themselves, but they are also super-versatile and great in a range of sweet or savoury dishes. Try BBQing them and serving with ice-cream. Freeze the cheeks and blend into smoothies. Or throw over the top of soy-sauce-based stir fry for a fantastic balance of sweet and salty.

You can find a couple of ideas on our website, with links at the side of the page.