Local Legumes

It wouldn’t be spring without Spring Beans! The warmer weather brings on the season for all the local legume varieties. Beans and Peas of all descriptions hit the shelves, to bring colour and flavour to your cooking!

One of the true spring-time heroes is the Broad Bean (pictured above). These have a not unfounded reputation for being a fiddle to prepare. But we promise you, they are worth all the work. Once double-peeled, they have a fantastically savoury flavour. They go well in stews, salads, soups or on their own. Smashed Broad beans also make a wonderful replacement for Smashed avocado.

Other bean varieties that are available are regular Green Beans, yellow Butter Beans, stripy purple Borlotti beans, as well as Flat beans, Italian beans and Snake Beans. Why not put them all together for the world’s beaniest salad?!

Local Peas are also excellent quality at this time of year. We have regular peas, which require podding, or Snow Peas or Sugar Snap Peas which can be eaten whole. Much less work.

Enjoy the warmer weather, and get some legumes onto your plate!