Late season stone-fruit

As summer raps up, we are heading into late season stone-fruit territory. While slip-stone peaches and nectarines are heading towards the end, plums and clingstone peaches are still going strong.

Clingstones are a pure yellow variety of peach, with a yellow flesh that can be eaten firmer than regular peaches. This makes them easier to eat in mixed company, without peach-juice ending up from one end to the other.

Plums are also just starting out. New varieties become available weekly. From the super sweet end of the spectrum with Blood plums, Ruby Royal and Garnett varieties. To the more traditionally tangy plum varieties like Black Ambers, President and Tiegan Blues. Our staff can advise on exactly the right variety you will want for your taste and usage.

The end of the Apricot and Cherry seasons is also drawing close, with produce coming from Tasmania. The Apricots are the Moorepark variety, which many people wait all season for. Great flavour and small size make them perfect for poaching, cooking and eating. But get in quick, as they are generally the last variety of Apricot to be available.