The poster-child of the Autumn season is always locally-foraged wild mushrooms. And these come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. From Pine Forest (pictured above) and Slippery Jack, to log-grown Shiitake and even the mighty Black Perigord Truffles.

Pine Forest and Slippery Jack can be sourced from as close as Red Hill and the Otways. Pine Forest have a beautifully bright orange colour, and a nice firm texture that can hold up to extended cooking. Slippery Jack aren’t much to look at, with a slimy brown cap covering a dense yellow foam flesh. But they are beautifully sweet and delicate.

Black Truffles do not start until further into the winter, requiring an extended period of good frosty mornings to ripen fully underground. Ours are sourced from Buxton in the Acheron valley, just north-east of the upper Yarra Valley. It is quite a challenge to faithfully describe the flavour and aroma of a truffle, as they are truly unique. But best effort would be sweetly earthy and slightly cedary. You  may just have to try one to find out.

Our staff can help with any questions regarding the best ways to pick, store and cook wild mushrooms. Give them a go!