One of the heroes of any Mediterranean winter, the humble Fennel.

With its mildly sweet, aniseed flavour, Fennel adds a wonderful backdrop to all sorts of delicious winter dishes. In France, they use it in soups, in dishes like Cassoulet, or even in desserts in some cases. In Spain, they use it in wonderful winter Paella, in baked eggs and other delicious stews. And in Italy, they use it in just about everything. From Pasta sauces, to braises and barbecues. Truly an all-round favourite.

Here in Australia, the best Fennel comes from south of Melbourne, in the region around Werribee. This highly fertile farmland grows incredibly fresh, crunchy and fragrant Fennel, that can be gigantic in size at the peak of the season.

If you’ve never got on to the Fennel train, ask our staff for an introduction, and we promise, you will never look back!