Local Citrus

It may be grey and gloomy outside during winter, but that is not the case when it comes to winter fruit! Local Citrus is on the shelf and there is a huge range to choose from.

Oranges are the obvious starting point for citrus. Local Navels, grown in Mildura are sweet and juicy during the colder months. They’re also a fantastic source of Vitamin C, to help fend off the winter blues. Also look for Blood Oranges, Cara Cara Ruby Navels, Easy-Peel varieties, and specialist marmalade-making variety, Seville Oranges have a limited season.

Grapefruit is also excellent at this time of year, with both Gold and Ruby varieties available.

Mandarins are the other citrus family that is in abundance during winter. There are plenty of varieties to choose from. Early season will be the Imperial and Afourer varieties. Later on, Clementines, Daisy, Empress and Dekopon (Sumo) usually join the fray. Each variety is slightly different. Some are sweet, some tangy. Some have no seeds, some have a few, some have a lot. Our staff can help you navigate the range to find the perfect one for you.